Our expertise

Our expertise lies in a rounded, multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to identifying, prioritizing and managing sustainability risks, where social and environmental issues are given equal weight and prominence.

From community relations experts to biodiversity and conservation practitioners, and from leaders in sustainability education to process management and materials stewardship consultants, we draw on a broad range of skills and expertise from our global network.

Our integrated teams work with clients from the initial assessment of a problem or opportunity through to reviewing and reporting the outcomes.Our response might be for capacity building, troubleshooting, mentoring, education and training or long-term advice.

We help you respond to the local, national and international sustainability agenda, by developing pragmatic and cost-effective strategies and policies, and embedding them into existing management systems.

In particular, we work to ensure that strategy and policy are accessible and meaningful to those who have to implement them at sites and operations, and that there is understanding and ownership throughout the company.

We are skilled in communicating sustainable development issues and capturing opportunities for business to manage these issues in collaboration with other sectors of society, for example, through alliances and partnerships with NGOs.

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