Dorothy Harris

Founder & Managing Director


Today, company strategists and operational staff are often overwhelmed by an over complex analysis of sustainability issues. It is possible to de-mystify and simplify, and to manage sustainability issues in a pragmatic, accessible and cost-effective way. This means identifying and interpreting the sustainability issues that really matter to a company’s long-term business success. I believe that a performance driven, multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development challenges provides the basis for that success in the 21st century.


Ability to see the broad picture, the problem and pull the threads together. Desire for change and innovation. Generating ideas and starting things. Policy development and roll-out. Ability to work with people from Board to Site and from NGO to IGO. Building bridges between different sectors and across cultures. Understand how companies have to relate to external political pressures. Stakeholder engagement, including partnership building. Communication of sustainability issues.

Previous experience

I spent 16 years with Rio Tinto plc in a range of jobs. A continuing responsibility was to develop environmental and communities policies, including the company’s first HSE reports, and a long-term programme of engagement with international NGOs. This culminated in creating, setting-up and managing Rio Tinto’s first global corporate partnership programme with environmental organisations.

These partnerships were designed to drive the company’s Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Strategies; the Biodiversity Strategy was launched at the IUCN World Congress in November 2004.

Another key aspect of my work was corporate and operational issues management; devising strategies, briefing and advising on the response to social and environmental issues affecting Rio Tinto plc and its operations worldwide.

In 2003, I managed a feasibility study for a Global Network (now the Post-Mining Alliance) based at the Eden Project to address the issues of mining legacy and regeneration. This involved a cross-sector partnership of seven players, including Anglo American and English Nature. A Development Director was appointed in 2004.

At the start of my career, in the Energy Policy Department at the Confederation of British Industry, I was involved in the early days of Energy Efficiency, as well as the on-going alternative energies and nuclear debates.


BSc (Hons) Geography with Geology, University of Bristol (1984)
MSc Environmental Management, University of London (1996)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Cross-sector Partnership, University of Cambridge (2004).

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