Our Sustainability Review

All our work is underpinned by a risk-based issues management model – our Sustainability Review®. This provides a flexible strategic approach to anticipating potential problems and resolving sustainability challenges along the supply chain through risk analysis, positive external engagement and robust management systems.

We help our clients at any stage of the issues management cycle, using these services to respond to individual company needs:

  • Risk assessment and issues management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategy and policy development
  • Education and training
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Reporting

If you have already mapped your social and environmental risks, we can focus on specific issues, such as biodiversity, land management and community development challenges such as child labour. Whatever the issue, our work will always be integrated with your overall sustainability strategy.

Our Risk Assessment Tools

Our umbrella sustainability management model, the Sustainability Review®, is supported by a range of risk-assessment tools:

  • Sustainability Risk Assessment for Minerals’ Exploration
  • Sustainability Risk Assessment for Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Biodiversity Review
  • Operational Effectiveness Review

We offer Sustainability Risk Assessments for early stage exploration in the minerals and energy sectors. These identify and manage sustainability risks that might delay or stop a project; the methodology can also be used for due diligence.

Using our Biodiversity Review®, we integrate biodiversity management solutions based on risk assessment into existing systems. We develop biodiversity strategies in the context of sustainable development, not as a single issue, and where possible identify synergies with climate change and water management activities.

Our Operational Effectiveness Review®, ensures that existing management systems are fit-for-purpose; and through workforce effectiveness and process management programmes we can implement cost-effective sustainability strategies at sites and operations.

For all these, we design strategies for external communications and stakeholder engagement on critical issues. Where appropriate, we facilitate strategic relationships with public and non-governmental sectors, including alliances and partnerships for sustainable development. Cross-sector approaches often provide third-party assurance to Boards and key stakeholders that issues material to business prospects are being managed responsibly.


Where your need is to drive and report continuous, measured improvement in the performance of operations or suppliers, we offer a performance improvement service – Quest.  Quest is a management system that uses road mapping to improve the performance of your operations or suppliers.

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