Education and training

Education and training has a vital role to play in promoting understanding of sustainable development principles and practices. It can improve the quality and delivery of stakeholder engagement, particularly between business operations and neighbouring communities.

Opposition to business activities can occur at any stage of the business cycle. And there are many ways in which a company can choose to engage with either supporters or critics, to build consensus on the conflicting social, economic and environmental priorities and needs in a given project area.

But, in many situations, the ability of stakeholders to engage proactively and constructively in this process is limited for a whole range of reasons, which can often make them vulnerable to external influence.

Evidence suggests that the higher the level of sustainable development competency, and the more evenly it is distributed throughout a community, the faster and more efficient the consensus-building process, and the stronger and more realistic the outcomes.

Our sustainability education and training programmes can reach across all community groups to bring together disparate factions and deliver collaborative action. It provides the means to equip people with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate objectively and positively in the process of change associated with the development of business operations.

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