A good social and environmental performance report can be a powerful communication tool.Investors, shareholders and other stakeholders look for real demonstration of commitment and substantive performance. But, reporting often becomes an end in itself with complex and poorly interpreted documents using inappropriate indicators.

We work to make reports accessible and meaningful. In particular, we offer a critical analysis of any potential gulf between real performance and policy or position statements. Our work is based on a rigorous risk analyses of a company’s footprint and supply chain, which helps to refine the underlying data collection processes.

Many reports use “process” performance indicators – these tell of changes in outputs or consumption, but not the environmental impact. Also, these indicators may not adequately represent the complex interrelationships between the ‘measured’ parameters.Our analysis helps clients to recognise their direct and indirect impacts on the environment, and so differentiate between process and impact indicators, and identify where systems can be adapted for positive gain.

Equally, we work to ensure that reporting on social issues is appropriate. Data collection for this is often managed in the same way as for end-of-pipe-environmental management. This means that relationships between sites and their neighbours may be driven by corporate reporting requirements for aggregated key performance indicators rather than by the concerns and needs of those communities.

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