Risk assessment and issues management

Risk assessment is the entry point to our Sustainability Review®. We help companies analyse and rank their sustainability risks – a risk for one may not be a priority for another. We advise where resources are best committed for optimum performance and reputation gain to deliver long-term business success.

Our analysis is based on desk research, information gleaned from a wide range of sources and contacts worldwide, and internal and external stakeholder consultation. But, we firmly believe that a company should understand its own position on an issue before engaging on a broad-based programme of stakeholder engagement.

Consultation with corporate and operational staff is the key step to analysing current perceptions and management of an issue. Where possible, we do this using existing company communication, knowledge-sharing and networking mechanisms. We then develop a SWOT analysis of the current approach and recommend a management strategy.

Although, there are many sustainability issues common to different commercial sectors, we believe that solutions should be tailored to each particular corporate culture and structure. Using accepted change management practices it is possible to manage these issues without sending shock waves through a business.

From the start, we encourage clients to set-up a “champions” network to foster internal ownership; this may also include some tried and trusted external parties.

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