Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement plays a critical role in sustainability issues management. We encourage a robust approach to stakeholder engagement – to map ‘real’ players rather than a wide range of interested parties; as well as ensuring that objectives, expectations and outcomes are well-managed.

We guide our clients to understand who is affecting their business and how to engage them to navigate a successful long-term business course. Positive relations with the people influencing market or operating environment changes can greatly enhance a company’s ability to respond to emerging threats and opportunities.

The first step is to help our clients assess their rationale and readiness to engage externally. This includes reviewing assumptions about the value and purpose of building external relationships and an assessment of perceived needs. We then develop a sound business case for external engagement, mapping the most important stakeholders and the most appropriate forms of engagement.

We are experienced facilitators – we plan and implement engagement strategies for clients. Depending on the outcomes, we may broker a formal partnership or alliance between a client and stakeholder organisations. Where appropriate we recommend other mechanisms for managing engagement such as education, capacity building and skills and knowledge transfer.

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